Skills benchmarking

Align your people strategy to your business strategy

Know who to hire, upskill, promote or transfer for a happy and productive workforce

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Understand the stories of your people

Chosen’s not another piece of software, not another boring spreadsheet and not another standalone tool. Just one seamlessly integrated dashboard that provides actionable insights from day one.

By helping you understand the context of your people’s skills and experiences and then recommending actions, you can optimise and retain your best people.

Lucas a high-performing engineer. An expert in python, he has over 5 years experience leading agile development teams in high-growth, B2B businesses. Due to being overqualified and underpaid for his ability, Lucas is at risk of leaving.


Software Engineer

Selina is a self-starter who has spent most of her career working in customer service, a role that is at risk of automation in the next 5 years. Selina also has a year of experience in digital marketing so could easily up-skill to a future marketing role.


Customer Service Agent

Nguyen previously founded a B2C, Health-Tech startup that attracted venture funding. During which time he hired a team, took a product to market and managed partnerships so could be perfect for the Country Manager role.


Product Manager

How does Chosen work?

Data doesn’t have to be difficult. Easily bring together data from your existing tools and enrich it with external data.

Aggregate data

Understand and leverage your people. Visualise the skills overview of your team, and easily search to discover the talent you need internally.


Bridge the gap between insight and action. Predictive actions to help you have the right conversations.

Take action

Turn insight into action

Internal mobility

Improve your internal mobility

You hired them for a reason, unlock their full potential. Easily headhunt internally by the skills you need for projects or new roles.


Upskill your people

Work is changing. Identify which skills are likely to be automated and help upskill people now.


Retain your best

Don’t let your best people leave you. See who is at risk of leaving, who is due a promotion or who is open to a new role, so you can proactively retain your best talent.


Be strategic with hiring

Objectively identify and discover new talent. Better understand your skills gaps and discover external talent with the actual skills you need.


Align your people strategy to business goals

Benchmark your existing skills against the future skills you need to deliver your business vision.


Be on top of your data

Have the right data, at the right time. Live data to see how your workforce is changing such as MoM attrition, tenure, costs & diversity split.

Aggregate data

Better people data informs better people decisions

Our API will ensure you always have the complete picture of the capabilities of your people, so you can make data-driven and informed workforce strategy decisions.

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Data-driven people management, starts today

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